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Louise and Mia of BANGBANG Copenhagen were inspired by a wish to create the kind of expressive, playful and serviceable clothing that they had always dreamed of for their own children. They founded their brand in 2008 which merged their roots in contemporary design with a love of the playful spirit of children.

Their skills in womenswear design have come to the fore as they produce clothing that sits perfectly between edgy fashion and puts the fun into functional - imagine channelling the Japanese avant-garde spirit via Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens, the most creative and original funfair on the planet!

Their world fuses a high-fashion, conceptual outlook, origami folding and streetwear, with silhouettes perfectly tailored for children's movement and body shape. The result is a highly-creative collection of playful clothing for contemporary parents and their children to enjoy.

RRP tops from £35, dresses £55, outerwear £72

Mother and daughter.