About us

We is a passionate musician and certified singing instructor located in Region. She enjoys helping every singer unlock the true potential of their voice and works with a wide range of clients from beginners to advanced level performers.


"When I had my first lesson with Kristina it was so great I KNEW I had to come back! The technique she used combined with her knowledge of how to properly teach vocal, helped me to understand what i was doing wrong and what I needed to improve on!"

"I have a background in music production making instrumentals and producing vocal artists in hip hop, R&B and dance music. I always wished I could sing like the various artists I have worked with over the years. After joking trying to sing during a session my engineer told me I should just take vocal lessons. That's when I found Kristina. I have truly enjoyed working with her. The learning environment is comfortable and encouraging. Kristina is motivating and always professional. Every lesson is customized and geared towards the student to best optimize the results. I recommend her lessons to anyone with all skill sets."

"I've always loved to sing but singing wasn't always enjoyable when I'd end up with a dry, irritated throat. When I started my lessons with Kristina, I thought I was "just an alto." I never thought I was able to reach higher notes much less feel confident singing in public. Kristina very quickly identified what my main vocal problem was and what habits I needed to break to improve my singing. This was all new language to me but Kristina made concepts easy to understand and apply. I quickly felt comfortable with Kristina despite the funny faces and sounds I felt I was making. Kristina is an enthusiastic and motivating teacher who gave me a lot more confidence when singing and I'm happy to say that I can still sing alto if I want to, but I can reach higher notes I never dreamed I was capable of reaching! Thanks Kristina!"

"Singing Lessons with Kristina has been a fun learning process! When I first began I had no knowledge of music, however now I am able to distinguish notes and my voice has improved so much since beginning! Kristina is always there for guidance even when I am not at singing lessons! She has helped me be more confident with my singing and has helped me to see my potential as a singer. She makes sure her students feel comfortable and is very flexible in terms of scheduling me for my lessons. This past year at singing lessons has been a blast with Kristina !"

“I am so thankful to have come accross something I am confident WORKS! Not only have I tapped into my own potential as a singer,
but I discovered a method that will open up doors for others like it has for me .” -Kristina Pantaleo

As a child growing up, Kristina was quite shy and reluctant to sing in public. She understands the vulnerability singers often face and when helping students develop their voice, draws upon the same specialized singing technique that gave her confidence.
Described as friendly, insightful, patient and fun, Kristina has a lifetime of experience to share with other singers.

Our approach

Our approach draws upon a proven technique of the stars (used by over 120 Grammy Award winning singers) and incorporates customized lessons that lead each student to understand their own instrument and find the beauty of their voice.